simon clarke photo
Dr. Simon Clarke
Associate Professor and Program Chair
Director of Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis
Areas of specialization: Political Theory, History of Political Thought
Areas of specialization: Policy Planning and Development
Donald Fuller
Dr. Donald Fuller
Senior Professor
Areas of specialization: Political Science, Public Administration, Political Economy, Public Policy
Dr. Yevgenya Jenny Paturyan
Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis
Areas of specialization: Democracy and Democratisation, Civil Society, Corruption, Research Methodology

Dr. Vahram Ter-Matevosyan
Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization: Turkish domestic and foreign policy, Regional Security, Conflicts in the post-Soviet Space
 a_drampian Dr. Arthur Drampian
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Areas of specialization: Public Finance, Local Governance, Intergovernmental Finance, Decentralization Policy, Environmental Science and Policy, Development Policy and Practice, Sustainable Development
Vache Gabrielyan
Dr. Vache Gabrielyan
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization: Public Administration, Public Policy



Dr. Hovhannes Nikoghosyan
Adjunct Lecturer
Areas of specialization: Human rights and international security, Responsibility to Protect

image_asanyan Dr. Gurgen Aslanyan
Adjunct Lecturer
Areas of specialization: Public Economics, Population Economics, Economics of Reforms, Economics of Education