First-year students are to take 10 courses; 5 courses in Fall and 5 courses in Spring.

Second-year students are to take 8 courses plus Capstone. They should choose 4 courses in Fall and 4+Capstone in Spring.

Students may also, with the permission of the PSIA Program Chair, take courses from other programs in AUA (to substitute for the PSIA courses).

If students wish to specialize in International Relations, they should choose 5 out of their 8 electives from IR track courses. If students wish to specialize in Public Policy, they should choose 5 out of their 8 electives from PP track courses.

FALL 2016
First-year courses Second-year courses
PSIA300 Western Political Thought (Clarke)
PSIA302 Graduate Research and Scholarly Writing (Balian)
PSIA310 Comparative Politics (Paturyan)
PSIA311 Regional Politics (Ter-Matevosyan)
PSIA340 Public Administration (Gabrielyan)
PSIA325 Conflicts and Geopolitics in the Caucasus (Ter-Matevosyan) IR
PSIA335 International Conflicts in XXI Century (Nikoghosyan) IR
PSIA343 Public Financing and Budgeting (Drampian)PP
PSIA344 Public Policy Analysis (Paturyan) PP
PSIA345 Development Policy and Strategy (Balian) PP
First-year courses Second-year courses
PSIA303 Research Methods in Pol. Science (Balian)
PSIA320 International Relations           (Nikoghosyan)
PSIA371 EU and the World (Fuller)
PSIA352 Economics for Political Science (Aslanyan)
PSIA383 Contemporary Political             Philosophy (Clarke)
PSIA324 Security Policy (Ter-Matevosyan)IR
PSIA347 Environmental Policy (Drampian) PP
PSIA348 Policy and Program Evaluation (Balian) PP
PSIA384 Civil Society and Social Capital (Paturyan)
PSIA385 Global Justice (Balayan) IR
PSIA353 International Political Economy (Fuller) IR
PSIA360 Armenian Politics (Ter-Matevosyan)
*PSIA391/ 392/ 393 Capstone  [3 credits]
* = required course
IR = International Relations
PP = Public Policy