Below is the list of capstone essays for the year. To search for these essays in the AUA digital library please click here.


Spring 2015

Student Title
Badalyan Areg The Progress Made by Armenia in Governance and Accountability
Bagiyan Armine Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civic Activism in Armenia
Barseghyan Arshaluys The International Relations During and After the Cold War: To What Extent Has the Cold War Changed?
Fljyan Amalya Islam in Georgia
Galstyan Mariam Volunteering in Armenia
Ghazaryan Edita Navigating between international recognition paradigms: Prospects and Challenges for Nagorno-Karabakh
Ghazaryan Hasmik E-Government as a way to fight Corruption in Public Procurement system
Hakobyan Lilit The Impact of Eurasian Customs Union on Armenian Labor Force: Perceptions and Challenges
Harutyunyan Aneta Turkish Kurds and Armenia: efforts to find a common ground
Harutyunyan Narek The Economic Challenges of the Landlocked States: The Case of Armenia
Javadyan Lilit Karabakh War Veterans
Javakhyan Mariana United States Development Assistance to Armenia 2004-2014
Kankanyan Nina Environmental Activism in Armenia
Khachatryan Yevgeniya Intergovernmental Transfers in Armenia and Need for Improvement of Financial Equalization Procedures
Mkhoyan Ani Apprisal as a Tool to Measure Teacher Performance Efficiency and Productivity
Mkrtchyan Lusine Prisoners of War
Sahakyan Gevorg The Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on Migration in the Republic of Armenia
Sargsyan Alik The Debate on Presidential versus Parliamentary Systems. Should Armenia Opt for the Parliamentary System?
Sargsyan Marine Social and Economic Consequences of Mandatory Military Service
Shadunts Alen The Impact of Internal Factors on Decision Making in Iranian Foreign Policy
Sirekanyan Tigran The Challenge of Globalization for Preservation of Religious Values
Tsarukyan Armine The Reasons of the Unsuccessful Implementation of the Pension Reform in Armenia Funded Pension Reform