Erasmus+ Student Credit Mobility program

The American University of Armenia has signed inter-institutional agreements with Paris Lodron University of Salzburg in Austria in the framework of which PSIA students have an opportunity spend a semester in this university. The exchange program will enable students to take courses on Political Science and International Affairs and transfer the credits to AUA. Studying as an exchange student is a challenging and exciting opportunity to enrich a student’s academic knowledge, expand professional skills and build networks.

Testimonials of Exchange Students
  • Testimonial

    Norayr Mirakyan, MPSIA, Fall 2017 Exchange student in the University of Salzburg

    The experience of studying in Austria reworded me both professionally and personally. Firstly, I studied and worked with renowned professors in their fields of study which made me a better specialist. We may even call it a valuable milestone in my academic path. Moreover, this opportunity expanded my professional network internationally. I came to meet many scholars during scientific conferences, seminars, and my classes. Secondly, living and studying abroad enabled me to appreciate the diversity of cultures once again. You can meet different people from the whole world in this vibrant little city of Salzburg. The other great thing about Salzburg is that it allows you to travel to many destinations in Europe due to its central location.
    It was an honor and pleasure for me to participate in this exchange program. I am thankful to all who made this great and rewarding experience a possibility.

  • Testimonial

    Martina Sardaryan, MPSIA, Spring 2018 Exchange student in the University of Salzburg

    Studying as an exchange student in Paris Lodron University of Salzburg was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Mobility Program, I had a chance to study for one semester in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a rich cultural heritage. Studying in an intellectually stimulating and inspiring environment, I enriched my academic knowledge under the guidance of international scholars as well as built a strong social network with students from all over the world. Studying abroad also took me out of my comfort zone, broadened my horizons, and made me more open-minded, more independent and a confident person. The skills and knowledge that I gained during the exchange program brought me one step closer to my goals.

  • Testimonial

    Stella Stepanyan, BA/English and Communications, Fall 2017 Exchange student in the University of Salzburg

    The exchange program in Paris Lodron University of Salzburg was one of the most valuable and memorable experiences in my life. It not only gave me an opportunity to gain profound knowledge from excellent professors and build valuable international network with students from various backgrounds, but also shaped me as a more autonomous and responsible person ready to tackle new challenges with all their difficulties and uncertainties. The synthesis of cultures at this university hugely contributes to the broadening of one’s way of thinking, provides interdisciplinary environment for studying and gives start to long lasting friendships. In addition to intensive academic life and a variety of extracurricular activities, Salzburg as a historical and cultural center, gave me a chance to visit many historical sites, immerse myself in a different culture, thus, triggering my curiosity to travel and discover more in the world.

  • Testimonial

    Anahit Yeghiazaryan, MPSIA, Fall 2016 Exchange student in the University of Salzburg

    “Studying as an exchange student within the framework of Erasmus+ Program in this magical, musical and hospitable city, in Salzburg where Mozart was born and which is considered UNESCO World heritage is a fulfillment of my long-term goal. Having studied a whole semester in Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, in one of the most renowned and accredited Political Science departments throughout Europe undoubtedly changed my life to the better both professionally and personally. This unprecedented experience was not only vital from future career perspective but it also enabled me to form valuable international bonds with other students, acquire profound knowledge from the best professors of the field, enrich my professional and academic skills, become a more organized person and visit a variety of picturesque and historic places in Austria and in neighboring countries.”

  • Testimonial

    Shoghik Mkrtchyan , BA/English and Communications, Fall 2016 Exchange student in the University of Salzburg

    “Studying in the Department of Political Science in Paris Lodron University of Salzburg within the frames of Erasmus+ Mobility Program was the unattainable I was aiming to reach. Granted the opportunity to complete a semester within this exchange program I gained the knowledge and experience that will guide me through the challenges I face on my education and carrier path in the future. The enchanting city of Salzburg its breathtaking sights and the university with half a century of history and eminence broadened my perspective and worldview. Upon completion of the program I find myself challenged to aim higher. The diversity I experienced did arm me the skills and knowledge to be prepared for the goals I am yet to achieve.”