What Students Think

What I like most about PSIA is the sense of community and support between the faculty and students. Besides providing an intense learning experience, it has also created an environment for mutual respect, creativity, open communication, and teamwork. In PSIA, we all have a sense of belonging to a community that strives for excellence.
Alina Vardanyan (PSIA ‘23)Yerevan, Armenia
In the period of online studying, it is fascinating how instructors do their best at educating students despite the conditions that we face. Their willingness to provide us the maximum of what we can get is quite inspiring.
Meri Lachinyan (PSIA ‘22)Yerevan, Armenia
It is hard to point out one thing and say that you like PSIA especially for that. The faculty is what inspires you to learn more, explore more and create more. It is the educational atmosphere that makes you think out of the box and deep dive into politics and make the next step on the road of becoming a professional.
Avetis Harutyunyan (PSIA ‘22)Gavar, Armenia
The education experience is the best which I have received in my life. A wide range of approaches and practical assignments truly prepare us for the labor market. The constant guidance from the faculty helps me to overcome all the obstacles and make the learning process genuinely valuable.
Sara Melkonyan (PSIA '21)Yerevan, Armenia
I’m pretty sure that after my four months at AUA I have become more confident, more adaptable and more open to new experiences and challenges.
Gabriel Piccinini (PSIA Exchange Student) Minho University, Portugal
PSIA is not just a program, it is an experience in and of itself. PSIA faculty and staff pay utmost attention to every single detail which speaks about caring and growth.
Artak Sarian (PSIA ‘23)Aleppo, Syria
The quality of the program meets my expectations. It is exactly that kind of education that I always wanted to have. I'm glad I got the chance to study here.
Anna Davtian (PSIA ‘22)Novokuznetsk, Russia
In Armenia, the AUA PSIA program provides the highest level of education in its field. This is the area in which I have found the most interest.
Mikayel Avetisyan (PSIA ‘21) Yerevan, Armenia
Although I received my bachelor’s degree at the American University of Armenia, there are major differences in my undergraduate department and graduate department. The PSIA program has been part of AUA since its beginning and has become one of the most quality education programs of the university, if not in Armenia.
Donara Sargsyan (PSIA ‘21) Yerevan, Armenia
What I like about PSIA is a diverse group of students, and this brings different perspectives to the classes.
Roubina Seropian (PSIA ‘20) Beirut, Lebanon
The quality of the program definitely meets my expectations. I deeply value being taught by professors who have graduated from top-ranked universities, been published in reputable journals and are strong authorities in their respective fields.
Batil Vartanian (PSIA ’23)Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
I would recommend PSIA for other students seeking a degree in Political Science and International Affairs who are interested in Armenian Politics and want to broaden their perspectives on the issues that occur around the world.
Rita Christine Shahinian (PSIA ‘22)Beirut, Lebanon
PSIA is different from my previous learning experience because it is highly contemporary in terms of analyzing real-life examples of the political environment, which affects our fellow citizens and us.
David Pashinyan (PSIA '21)Novorossiysk, Russia
In PSIA the learning outcome already arose after about two or three weeks. I therefore perceive it as a deeper and more sustainable learning experience.
Taline Akkaya (PSIA ‘20) Wiesbaden, Germany
PSIA is not only about a good knowledge and education, it is about the way of thinking that you develop during a very short time.
Heghine Poghosyan (PSIA ‘20)Vagharshapat, Armenia