Below is the list of capstone essays for the year. To search for these essays in the AUA digital library, please click here.


Fall 2020

Student Name Topic
Nairi Aristakesyan  
Lily Avagyan  


Spring 2020

Student Name Topic
Taline Akkaya The Armenian Diaspora and the Church: Understanding Armenian Diaspora Identity and the Role of the Church for its Preservation
Liana Gharajian

Prospects of Social Mobility and Its Impact on Income Redistribution Policy Preferences

Iren Hakobyan  ASALA: The Perception of Current Generation
Ani Matevosyan Continuities and Ruptures of the French Mandate in the Middle East: Understanding the State-Building of the Syrian Arab Republic
Aleksandr Saribekyan Analyzing the Russian Media Realm: A Look from Inside

Alvina Saakyan

Diaspora Diplomacy and the Factors Affecting It
Ani Shahinyan

Social Media and New Tools For Electoral Campaigning. Why Should That Matter?

Heghine Poghosyan

The Impact of Personality Traits On Political Participation: The Case Of Velvet Revolution

Elya Aghajanyan Conflict Management vs. Conflict Resolution in Nagorno Karabakh Peace Process: Understanding Azerbaijani Approach
Hermine Hovhannisyan

Rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Israel in the framework of the balance of power theory

Hovsep Kanadyan

Armenia’s Velvet Revolution and Georgia’s Rose Revolution: Comparative Analysis

Liana Simonyan The Impact of Mentioning a Politician’s Name on People’s Policy Preferences
Roubina Seropian Repatriation and Integration of the Lebanese Armenians to Armenia in Times of Crisis
Saten Harutyunyan Fake News in Armenian Media After the Velvet Revolution: Tracing and Mapping the Problem in Three Cases
Tatevik Simonyan

Turkish Soft Power in Africa: The Case Study of Somalia and Sudan

 Fall 2019

Student                    Title
Anna Chiflikyan Women and Peacekeeping: A Possible Solution for Nagorno Karabakh Conflict?
Arpi Sargsyan Towards Better Working Local Self-Governments
Hrayr Hovakimyan  Drama of CPR Institutions (Irrigation Water Resource Management)


Spring 2019

Student Name Topic
Sara Abrahamyan Social Enterprise Ecosystem in France and Poland: Lessons for Armenia
Gayane Shakhmuradyan The Multipillar Pension System in Armenia: An Evaluation of Reform Design and Implementation
Lilit Simonyan Identifying Trilateralism in the South Caucasus: Cooperation Paradigms of the Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia Axis
Shoghik Tadevosyan Hydro-hegemony in Action: The Water Issue in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Seda Simonyan Self-Determination Patterns in the 21st Century: Past ends and Current Dynamics
Mane Babajanyan Armenian-Georgian Relations: Challenges for Armenia
Nonna Babayan The Key Characteristics of Populism in Armenia Before the “Velvet Revolution” and After
Sevak Karapetyan The World Bank Group’s Response to Global Financial Crisis in South Caucasus: Armenia and Georgia Compared
Vardan Abrahamyan  Democracy and Economic Growth: Armenian Trajectory on the Background of CIS
Arman Atoyan Disproportionate Regional Development of Azerbaijan: Causes and Implications
Lilit Mayilyan Understanding the Underlying Dynamics of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Relations: Allies or Trying to Become?
Elen Grigoryan Inclusive Education in Armenia: Assessing Teacher Assistants’ Effectiveness in Inclusive Schools
Zinaida Meloyan Snap Parliamentary Elections: An Analysis of Electoral Campaign Videos
Varduhi Nersesyan The POW Exchange Practices in the World and Lessons for the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict



Spring 2018

Student                    Title
Khachatryan Anahit Globalization of Education in Armenia
Yeritsyan Anna National Identity in Armenian Presidents’ Speeches
Janishyan Araks Is Protection of the Environment Incompatible With Global Justice?
Aslanyan Mariam Large Economic Projects and Investments of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Kharatyan Tina

The Military Doctrine of Azerbaijan: Assessing the implementation process

and policy implications

Musaelyan Davit An Analysis of Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement
Azaryan Roza Policies and Social Change to Curtail Child Labor
Karamyan Gurgen

Social Movements: The Government Reaction towards “Electric

Yerevan” and the “Military Deferment Movements”

Dermoyan Hranush The 2016 Coup Attempt in Turkey: How was it different from previous coups?
Margaryan Kristine Azerbaijan’s Involvement in International Terrorism
Hayrapetyan Liana Radical Islam in Russia: The Case of Tatarstan
Samvelian Liana

The US-Israel Relations over the Iran Nuclear Deal under the Obama


Adamyan Lusine The Armenian Apostolic Church and Abortion
Janazyan Lusine Women in the Labor Force
Khachatryan Lusine

Government and Society: The Necessity for Reciprocal Relationship

for Development

Sardaryan Martina Utility and well-being
Kocharyan Inesa Sex Selection Vs Reproductive Freedom Dilemma
Mirakyan Norayr Compliance and Non-Compliance of International Norms
Vardanyan Sergey Church, Politics and Society
Hovhannisyan Lusine

The Impact of Government Size on Economic Growth: Determining

The Optimal Size of the RA Government

Yessaian Vartouhi Enabling an Environment that Accelerates Development
Aydinyan Viktorya A Government that Works Better


Fall 2017

Student                    Title
Pandunts Araksya What Theories Explain the Rise of Euroscepticism?
Armenakyan Gohar Integration of Migrants in Europe
Sahakyan Irina To what extent are Russia and the USA involved in a new cold war?
Bezhanyan Ruzanna Utilitarianism and Tax Policies


Spring 2017

Student                    Title
Abrahamyan Serob Street Names in Yerevan and Their Effect on National Identity
Avagyan Zinaida Globalization and Islamic Fundamentalism
Currie Brent Reconciling the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Eurasian Economic
Union in Central Asia: An Impossible Endeavor?
Gabrielyan Narine The Role of the UN Security Council in Syrian Crisis
Galstyan Lilit Russia and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Spoiling or Mediation?
Ghevondyan Astghik Mechanisms That Create Shared Value for Development
Harutyunyan Marianna Farmer’s Vulnerability to Climate Hazards in Armenia
Isahakyan Avetik Engaging the Diaspora in Home State Development
Khachatryan Lilit Social Capital, Public Participation and Local Governance
Kirakosyan Tsovinar The European refugee crisis: has the EU-Turkey deal worked?
Mirimanyan Tatveik Armenia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU): Why did Armenia Join?
Oshakanyan Gayaneh Foreign Aid Effectiveness & State Institutional Capacity: The Case of Armenia
Petrosyan Maria Voluntary Euthanasia or Doctor-assisted Dying
Sisserian Varak Health Care System and Development in Armenia
Yeghiazaryan Anahit The Extent of Usefulness of Political and Economic Sanctions in Foreign Affairs:
The Cases of South Africa, Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation



Spring 2016

Student                  Title
Avetisyan Liana Distributive Justice in Armenia
Hakhinyan Arpine Women’s Shelters in Armenia
Harutyunyan Lilit Inclusive Education in Armenia
Kniazian Egine Interaction between Ministry of Defense and Public: Comparative
Study on Armenia and Georgia
Giloyan Nane Analysis of the Territorialism of National Identity
Nersisyan Maria Gender Stereotypes and Higher Education in Armenia
Papyan Greta Issues of Development in Health Care
Shorjian Nayiri Security Cameras and the Protection of Personal Data
Hayrapetyan Albert Growth, Poverty and the Developmental Programs in the Republic of Armenia
Avetisyan Julieta Mass Media and Social Movements: Electric Yerevan
Hakobyan Anna Coordinating of Civic Initiatives in Armenia: Cases of Teghut, Dem Em and Electric Yerevan
Gaboyan Margarita Inclusive Education in Armenia: Academic or Social Benefits?
Hakobyan Andranik The Role of Natural Gas in Post-Soviet Russian Foreign Policy
Kamalyan Arevik A Constructivist Approach to Ukraine Conflict
Ghazaryan Lilit Russia’s Foreign Policy in Light of the Ukrainian Crisis: Action or Reaction?
Manukyan Tatevik A Conflict of Competing Interests: Stakeholders in Syrian Civil War
Minasyan Lusine The Role of History Education in the Construction of National Identity in Armenia
Arakelova Kristine An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the RA Competition Law
Sahakyan, Liana The Politics of Foreign Development Assistance
Stepanyan Gegham Exploring Repatriation in Armenia
Harutyunyan Arpine Diasporas’ Engagement in the Economic Development of Armenia
Zurnachyan Alisa Opening the Turkish-Armenian Border: Weighting the Economic Implications
Avagimyan Amalya The Role of Oil in the Formation of Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy
Davtyan Ani The Evolution of Responsibility to Protect Doctrine from 2005-2016 through the UN Security Council Action
Mkhitaryan Armine Central Government’s Expenditures for Local Governments in Armenia
Yepremyan Anush Constitutional Amendments’ Impact on the Budgeting Process in Armenia
Harutyunyan Siranush Globalization and Poverty in Armenia

Fall 2015

Student          Title
Seyranyan Gohar Constitutional Changes in Turkey 2002-2012
Significance of Rural Non-Farm Activities in Development
Ghabulyan Inna The Impact of Foreign Aid on Institution Building: the Case of Armenia
Elliott Raffi Startup Nations: A Comparative Study of Pro-Technology Startup Policies in Israel and Armenia



Spring 2015

Student Title
Badalyan Areg The Progress Made by Armenia in Governance and Accountability
Bagiyan Armine Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civic Activism in Armenia
Barseghyan Arshaluys The International Relations During and After the Cold War: To What Extent Has the Cold War Changed?
Fljyan Amalya Islam in Georgia
Galstyan Mariam Volunteering in Armenia
Ghazaryan Edita Navigating between international recognition paradigms: Prospects and Challenges for Nagorno-Karabakh
Ghazaryan Hasmik E-Government as a way to fight Corruption in Public Procurement system
Hakobyan Lilit The Impact of Eurasian Customs Union on Armenian Labor Force: Perceptions and Challenges
Harutyunyan Aneta Turkish Kurds and Armenia: efforts to find a common ground
Harutyunyan Narek The Economic Challenges of the Landlocked States: The Case of Armenia
Javadyan Lilit Karabakh War Veterans
Javakhyan Mariana United States Development Assistance to Armenia 2004-2014
Kankanyan Nina Environmental Activism in Armenia
Khachatryan Yevgeniya Intergovernmental Transfers in Armenia and Need for Improvement of Financial Equalization Procedures
Mkhoyan Ani Apprisal as a Tool to Measure Teacher Performance Efficiency and Productivity
Mkrtchyan Lusine Prisoners of War
Sahakyan Gevorg The Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on Migration in the Republic of Armenia
Sargsyan Alik The Debate on Presidential versus Parliamentary Systems. Should Armenia Opt for the Parliamentary System?
Sargsyan Marine Social and Economic Consequences of Mandatory Military Service
Shadunts Alen The Impact of Internal Factors on Decision Making in Iranian Foreign Policy
Sirekanyan Tigran The Challenge of Globalization for Preservation of Religious Values
Tsarukyan Armine The Reasons of the Unsuccessful Implementation of the Pension Reform in Armenia Funded Pension Reform



Tigran Harutyunyan The Strategic Debate Between Human Rights and National Security
Manuk Avedikyan Treatment of Non-Muslim Minorities in Turkey
Hayk Aleksanyan Syrian Armenians in Armenia: Problems and Responses
Anush Mardumyan Is Authoritarianism a Better Option for Armenia?
Anahit Hakobyan Racial Theory: State Propaganda through Public Education (Armenia and Azerbaijan)
Suren Avetisyan The Role of the Armenian Diaspora in the U.S.A.: The Challenge of Connection and Inclusion
Arpine Vardanyan Local Government Reform in Armenia: Challenges and Prospects for Success
Marine Khachatryan Cinema and Its Socio-Political Context
Anna Hovsepyan The Indirect Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on the Armenian Economy
Syuzanna Smbatyan Comparative Analysis of the Armenian Exports: Eurasian Customs Union vs. Association Agreement
Zina Hovhannisyan Migration Patterns of Returned Migrants: The Role of Education
Vanuhi Matevosyan Political Economy of the Migration Intentions in the South Caucasus
Mane Adamyan The Closure of Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant: Costs and Benefits
Arpine Sargsyan The Determinants of the Fertility: The Case of Armenia
Naira Kocharyan Inclusive Education in Armenia: Implementation Challenges
Liana Hovhannisyan Comparative Analysis of RA and NKR Armenians’ Attitudes towards the Azerbaijanis
Kristine Abrahamyan The Constitution Building Process in Armenia and The Concept of Separation of Powers
Victoria Marjanyan Political Corruption during Presidential Elections in the South Caucasus
Tsovinar Kostanyan The Role of Political Ideology in the Implementation of Democratic Reforms in Armenia
Lusine Shahinyan Child Protection in Armenia
Hovhannes Galstyan The US and EU Democracy Promotion in Armenia (1991-2013): Comparative Analysis
Noune Sakabedoyan-Kepityan Crisis Management in Divided Societies: The Case of Lebanon
Nelli Minasyan Islam in Socio-Political Life of Azerbaijan: Part of Identity or Agent for Social Change?
Lusine Avanesyan Turkey’s Policy toward South Caucasus: The Cases of Nagorno-Karabakh and Abkhazia Conflicts
Julya Sahakyan State-Building in Nagorno-Karabakh and Abkhazia: Comparative Perspective
Greta Avetisyan Models of Coexistence of Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Georgia
Anna Drnoian Institutional Analysis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
Tatevik Badalyan EU’s Human Rights Policy towards Armenia and Georgia: Comparative Study
Siranush Adamyan The European Union’s Policy of Conflict Resolution towards all the Three South Caucasian Conflicts
Anush Manukyan Energy Policy of the European Union towards the South Caucasus through the Lenses of Interdependence Theory
Anna Harutyunyan European Union Security Policy in the South Caucasus
Tatevik Simonyan Foreign Policy of the Republic of Turkey towards the South Caucasus through the Paradigm of Neorealism Theory



Shant Petrossian Integrated Community Development: Theory and Application in Armenia
Karapet Hovsepyan Performance Based Organizations: Are They Relevant to Armenia?
Arman Gasparyan The Big Society of the United Kingdom. New Governance Options for Armenia
Perchuhy Kazhoyan Women in Prison
Angela Hassassian A Study of Cultural Identity, Community Solidarity, and Religion: The Role of the Armenian Apostolic Church within the Armenian Community of Jerusalem
Liana Arakelyan The Underlying Reasons of Deterioration of Turkish-Israeli Relations in the Aftermath of the Gaza Blockade and the Flotilla Incident
Lilit Sargsyan Comparative Analysis of the Soviet and the US Objectives and Experiences of Military Intervention in Afghanistan
Azganush Poghosyan Analysis of the Minsk Process 1992-2011
Iren Aloyan A Study on Community-Based Advocacy in Armenia: The Measuring and Mapping out of Outcomes
Naira Baghdasaryan Social Protests in Armenia: Econometric Analysis and Theoretical Interpretation
Mariam Hayruni Sex-Selective Abortions in Armenia
Bella Baghdasaryan The Comparison between Ideal and Projected Images of Political Leaders in Armenia
Lilit Avetikyan Brain Drain in Armenia: The Impact of Education on Migration Intentions
Narine Harutyunyan Domestic Violence Against Women in Armenia
Lilit Hayryan A Study of the Armenian Institutions of Forest Governance. Tragedy of the Armenian Forest Commons
Anush Nalghranyan Contribution of Presidential and Parliamentary Forms of Government to Democracy
Ani Aghoyan The Kurdish Issue: Main Obstacle for Turkey’s EU Integration
Tatevik Azizyan Building Security in South-Caucasus: NATO Exploring the Rules of Engagement
Anush Arakelyan Emerging Paradigms of Kurdish Nationhood in the Middle East
Lili Minasyan Turkey’s EU Integration Perspectives: Implications for the South Caucasus
Narek Mkrtchyan Nation-Building and Ethnic Consolidation Processes in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan
Anna Gradlyan The Role of the Civil Society in Conflict Transforamtion and Peacebuilding: The Case of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict



Marine Adamyan Drawbacks in Armenian Environmental Legislation: Case of Teghut Mining Project
Mariam Matevosyan A Study of Armenian Nationalist Discourse and Social Mobilization: Creative Analysis of ‘Sharjum” (1988) and “No” movement to Armenian-Turkish Protocols (2008-09)
Anahit Poghosyan Opening Embassies after Closing the Embassy: Post Soviet Countries’ Motives in Latin America
Tveen-Sosse Titizian Consolidating Power at Home: Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East under the Justice and Development Party
Elen Khachatryan A Study of Credit Policy and External Debt Management in the Republic of Armenia
Lilit Nahapetyan Fiscal Effects and Political Purposes of Introducing Luxury Excise Tax in Armenia
Armine Shahbazyan Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Constituency Mobilization and Outreach by Civil Society Organizations
Tatevik Teroyan Local Government in Armenia: Review and Analysis of Four-Year Community Development Programs
Narek Manukyan Impact of Landlockedness on Armenia’s Export Performance for the Period 1996-2010
Armine Avagyan Corruption in Armenian Higher Education: State and University Policies VS. Student Perceptions
Amalya Grigoryan Student Emigration from Armenia: New Developments
Dianna Hovakimyan Plagiarism as an Academic Dishonesty: The Case of Armenian Universities
Manushak Mikayelyan Alternative Media and Democracy
Sona Matasyan Bologna Process in Armenia: From Implementation to Satisfaction
Satenik Sargsyan Education and Emigration: Problem of Brain Drain
Hasmik Kocharyan Opening Armenian-Turkish Borders: Strategic Implications for Armenia
Mariam Petrosyan American-Turkish Relations in Transition From Cold War Era to Present Day
Irina Aghabekyan Prospects of Reviewing Armenia’s National Security Strategy
Aida Atayan Wars that did not Happen: Cases of Javakh, Kvemo Kartli, and Ajaria
Lusine Davtyan Israel’s Diaspora Policy: The Changing Relations between the State and the Diaspora
Anzhela Mayilyan Political and Economic Consequences of Opening the Armenia-Turkish Border: Implications for Armenia and Turkey
Araksya Shahinyan Peacekeeping: Armenia – The Newcomer in the Club
Natalya Shakaryan Energy Security of Armenia: Challenges and Opportunities
Armine  Davtyan Implementation of UN Millennium Development Goal 1 in Armenia
Artyom Mkrtchyan The Nagorno Karabakh Conflict: War Rhetoric of the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan
Mariam Nersisyan Human Trafficking: The Situation in the RA



Yevgenya Arushanyan Sumgait: The Silence
Valentina Gevorgyan Comparative Analysis: United States’ and Russia’s Porgrams in Armenia 1991-2011
Marine Margaryan International Military Cooperation of the Republic of Armenia since Independence
Amalya Simonyan Presidential Succession in Georgia and Armenia: Explaining Success and Failure of “Color Revolution” from a Comparative Perspective
Lilit Mkhitaryan Local Government Elections in Armenia: Gaps, Shortcomings and Perspective for Improvements
Anna Akelyan Armenian Government Commitments to Decentralization Policy and Development of Local Self-Governance
Sona Babayan A Study of Information and Communication Technologies and Good Governance in Armenia
Lusine Khachatryan Impact of the Introduction of Hotel Tax on Local Government and the Hotel Industry in Armenia
Margarita Stepanyan Culture of Volunteerism and Civic Participation in Armenia
Marianna Avdalyan Analysis of Public and Private Sector Wages for Certain Professions with Comparison to Selected Countries
Sona Darbinyan Fringe Benefits: Comparison of Public and Private Sector Employment in US States with Implications for Armenia
Anna Haytayan Performance-Related Pay in Civil Service: International Experience: Implications for Armenia
Mher Khachatryan Treasury Activities in Armenia: Comparison with Continental and Anglo-Saxon Models
Amalya Khachiyan Analysis of Position Classification in Armenian Civil Service with Comparison to Selected Countries
Lilit Safaryan The Evolution of the Structure and Functions of Bodies Regulating Civil Service
Ofelya Sargsyan Budget Formation in Armenia: Comparison with Continental and Anglo-Saxon Models
Lilit Saryan Fair Pay: Perceived and Actual Levels of Wages and Wage Inequality in Armenia in Comparison to Selected Countries
Tatevik Zargaryan Leadership Style of Armenian Academic Libraries
Ani Harutyunyan The Reveal and Use of the Armenian Diaspora Youth Potential: Tools and Mechanisms
Elen Hovhannisyan The New Architecture of the EU CFSP after the Treaty of Lisbon and Its Implications on the South Caucasus
Ani Yoker Mikaelian The Policy of the State of Israel on Diaspora and Its Applicability to the Armenian Reality
Ashot Mkrtchyan A Study of Nagorno Karabakh Conflict: Towards Meaningful Mediation
Gayane Mkrtchyan Rise of Political Islam in Turkey
Hasmik Yumushaghjyan UN Activities for the Progress of Education in the Republic of Armenia
Armine Hakhinyan A Study of Foreign Direct Investment in Armenia
Mikael Margaryan Central Bank Independence and Democracy
Gohar Yeranyan The Dynamics of Economic and Political Power in the Former Soviet Union Countries
Lianna Yenokyan International Contribution to Armenian Civil Society: A View from Civil Society
Ani Aghajanayan Labor Migration: Analysis of Trafficking Risks
Anna Gevorgyan The Transit Regime for Landlocked States. International Law and Development Perspectives
Armen Grigoryan Self-Determination in Internatioanl Law. The Cases of Kosovo and Sudan: Disposability of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh) within the Framework of Current Trends
Marine Minasyan Impact of the Civil Society on the Legislative Process in the Republic of Armenia: Available Tools and Problems of Their Utilization



Sedrak Barseghyan Armenian Government Policies and Reforms in Pension System
Nana Nahapetyan The Role of International Financial Institutions in Rural Development in Armenia
Svetlana Stepanyan Investments in Water and Irrigation Sectors through International Financial Institutions: Impact on the Armenian Economy
Gohar Grigoryan The Role of Information Technologies (IT) in Human Resources Management (HRM) of Armenian Public and Private Organizations
Galust Khanvelyan Analysis of Anti-Trafficking Policies in the Republic of Armenia
Ani Stepanyan Typologies of Political Parties in Armenia
Marine Aramyan Eastern Partnership: A New Dimension of the EU-Armenia Cooperation
Anushavan Hambardzumyan Analysis of the American-Armenian Lobby in the Light of General Factors Contributing to the Effectiveness of Ethnic Group Lobbying
Armen Kadimyan Opening of the Armenia-Turkish Border: Politico-Economic Perspective
Mari Ghazaryan Dual Citizenship in Armenia: Overview of Current Dynamics and Recommendations for the Future
Tatevik Harutyunyan The Issue of Repatriation: International Practice and Recommendations for Armenia



Arevik Anapiosyan Impact of PACE Monitoring on Advancing Democratic Institutions in Armenia
Sofya Simonyan The Determinants of Public Opinion on Foreign Policy in the South Caucasus: Factors Affecting the Perception of Russia
Tatevik Yengibaryan Prospects of EU Visa Facilitation Regime for Certain Categories of Citizens of the Republic of Armenia
Mane Tadevosyan Financial Sustainability of the Armenian NGO Sector
Lilit Baveyan A Study of External Equity of Pay Distribution of Senior State Officials in the Republic of Armenia
Veronika Grigoryan A Study of Internal Equity in the Pay System in the Public Sector of the Republic of Armenia
Grigor Khanjyan The Adaptation of UK Customer Service Excellence Standard for Business Inspection Function of the Ministry of Economy
Tamara  Yernjakyan Barriers to E-Government Implementation in the Republic of Armenia
Tatev Ayrumyan Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Armenia: Current Status and Perspectives for Reform
Ani Gevorgyan Tax Evasion in Armenia: Measures to Strengthen Tax Compliance
Lia Hovhannisyan Application of New Technologies to Reduce Nitrogen Oxide Emissions into the Atmosphere: Policies to Shift Environmental Behavior in Armenia
Anna Karapetyan Property Tax Administration and Collection in Armenia
Helen Manukyan Municipal Debt Financing in Armenia through Borrowing and Issuance of Bonds
Armenuhi Karakhanyan A Study of the Legal Status of the Armenian Diaspora: International Legal Instruments of Protection of the Armenian Minority Rights Abroad
Victoria Ter-Sargisova A Study of Freedom of Speech and Media in Armenia: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Gayane Sargsyan The Role of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia in Promoting Good Governance in Armenia
Tigran Eminyan Promoting Honest Elections in Armenia



Nvard Chalikyan Challenges of Foreign NGOs: A Comparative Study
Arlette Avakian The Impact of Diaspora and Dual Citizenship Policy on the Statecraft Process in the Republic of Armenia
Murad Stepanyan Improvements in the Electoral Process within the Context of Amendments to the Electoral Code of the Republic of Armenia
Anzhelika Sargsyan The Role of the Armenian-American Lobby in Addressing the Strategic Challenges of the Republic of Armenia
Kristine Saroyan Theories and Principles of Diplomatic Immunity
Lusine Terteryan Poverty Reduction in Armenia: The Role of the World Bank in Combating Poverty
Ani Ter-Mkrtchyan Project Management Styles in Armenian Public Organizations
Liana Karakhanyan Intra-Party Democracy: Democratization Processes in Armenia
Hasmik Hovhannisyan The Impact of Ethical Behavior on Organizational Climate in Local and Foreign NGOs of Armenia
Armine Antonyan Foreign and National Policy Issues in Pre-Election Programs of Armenian Political Parties
Anush Bezhanyan Iraqi Armenians after the Toppling of Saddam Hussein: Emigration or Repatriation?
Varduhi Hyusisyan Armenians in Lebanon after Israeli Invasion in 2006: A Community under Threat of Vanishing
Christine Abrahamyan The Role and the Impact of International Parliamentary Organizations on Foreign Policy Making of Armenia since Third Convocation: Case Studies – PABSEC, OSCE PA, PACE
Inna Yeranosyan The Rights of National Minorities: Armenia’s Commitments under International Conventions and Provisions in Domestic Legislation
Garegin Harutyunyan E-Commerce: Issues of Tax Administration and Prospects to Increase Public Revenues
Inessa Petrosyan The Impact of Elections on Democratic Processes in Armenia



Suzan Hobosyan The Problem of Javakhk in Regional Security: A Study of Potentials for an Ethnic Conflict
Aram Tadevosyan The New Phase and Possible Outcomes of South Ossetian Conflict
Luiza Armenakyan The Kurdish Question in Turkey from 1999 to 2006: An Analysis of the Resurgence of an Intransigent Ethnic Conflict
Zabel Hayruni The Causes and Outcomes of Palestinian Intifadas
Armen Safaryan Armenia-NATO: A Study of Strengthening Partnership and Its Possible Repercussions (Consequences)
Lilit Mnatsakanyan Social Partnership Mechanisms in Armenia: Opportunities and Obstacles
Termine Ghevondyan Political Parties and Public Opinion: Democritization Processes in Armenia
Aram Ghazaryan A Study of European Integration Process of Armenia in the Framework of  “European Neighborhood Policy”
Artak Petrosyan Fiscal Policies Directed to Poverty Reduction in Armenia
Lena Hovivyan Organizational DNA: Diagnozing the Health of Organizations in Armenia
Valeria Sargsyan Gender Imbalances in Public Administration in Armenian: The Role of Stereotypes
Armine Yukhanyan Assessing Employee Recruitment and Selection Policies in Public and Private Armenian Organizations
Grigor Boyakhchyan Role of International Community and Organizations in South Caucasian Ethnipolitical Conflicts
Alla Berberyan The South Caucasus: Towards Regional Cooperation
Anna Manukyan A Study Examining Foreign Direct Investment in Armenia: Incentives for FDI
Lusine Hakobyan Armenian NGO Sector: Contributing to Free and Fair Elections – Parliament Elections 2007
Lilit Abrahamyan Implementation of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper in Armenia: Issues of Public Participation and Program Administration
Ashot Grigoryan A Study of Democratization Processes and Economic Development in the Republic of Armenia
Anush Dulgaryan Crossroads on the Path to Local Self-Government Development: Incentives and Perspectives for Policy Reforms
Maren Baytarian U.S. Democracy Promotion in the Middle East
David Martirosyan Armenia-U.S. Relations: Challenges for Cooperation
Karine Abrahamyan The Role of International Non-Governmental Organizations in the Protection of Human Rights and Their Relations with Governments



Karine Mkhitaryan The International Recognition of the Armenian Genocide: A Political Analysis of the Official Documents Adopted Abroad
Nelli Cholakhyan Integrating Turkey into the European Union: Pros and Cons
Hasmik Simonyan A Comparative Analysis of Historical, Legal and Strategic Settings in the Conflicts of Nagorno-Karabakh and Kosovo
Arpine Serobyan Velvet Revolutions on the Territory of the Former Soviet Union: A Comparative Study of Leadership, Foreign Involvement and Internal Demand
Maria Amaryan The Traits and Skills of Effective Political Leaders
Ruzan Pluzyan The Problem of Communication Routes and Security Trends in the South Caucasus: The Armenian Perspective
Elina Hovasapyan The Rule of Local Self-Governance in Armenia: Past Experience and Challenges
Suren Movsisyan The Role of NGOs in Strengthening Civil Society in Armenia in the Perspectives of European Integration
Nairi Melkom Melkomian A Study of the Compatibility of Islam and Democracy: Theory and Practice
Avag Manukyan The Threat of International Terrorism and the New Trends in the USA Foreign Policy
Arsen Alikhanyan Labor Emigration from Armenia: Analysis of Existing Policies and Regulations
Gohar Khachatryan Assessment of Tax Performance and Tax Administration in Armenia
Narek Kosyan A Study of the Simplified Tax System in the Republic of Armenia
Anna Matghashyan A Study of Social Security System in the Republic of Armenia
Fenya Yepremyan A Study of the Energy Sector Privitization in Armenia: A Path to Follow
Kristine Hovhannisyan NGO Advocacy and Lobbying in Armenia
Iren Grigoryan The European Convention on Human Rights and Due Process in Armenia
Anahit Grigoryan Social Protection Models and Social Assistance to Elderly in Armenia
Susanna Achikyan Effectiveness of Civic Education: Case Study in “The Institute for Democracy and Human Rights”
Lilit Harutyunyan Change in Administrative Attitude in Civil Service of Armenia
Alisa Ayvazyan A Study of Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering Mechanisms in the Republic of Armenia
Elina Sardaryan Budget Process in the Local Government in Vanadzor



Evelina Khachatryan “The Rose Revolution” in Georgia: The Trends and Perspectives of Development
Karine Petrosyan Understanding the International Policies over the Iranian Nuclear Programs
Arman Gevorgyan The Expediency of Membership of Armenia in ILO as a Way to Combat Trafficking of Armenians
Arman Grigoryan Armenia in the Context of Modern Geopolitical Trends in the South Caucasus
Artur Ghahramanyan The Geopolitical Paradigms of the United Europe and Greater Middle East: Comparative Study of Armenia’s Security Issues
Karine Margaryan The “Islamic Threat” and Russia’s Foreign Policy Perspectives
Liana Aghamyan The Origin of Ethnic Conflicts in the South Caucasus
Babken Gabrielyan Comparative Study of the Problem of Illicit Drug and Human Trafficking: EU Experience and Armenian Perspective
Armine Sargsyan Armenia’s and Azerbaijan’s Compliance to the Council of Europe Requirements: Comparative Analysis
Siranoush Ghazanchian Print Media Coverage of Presidential Election Campaigns in Independent Armenia
Evelina Arabyan Gender and Leadership Style: Case Studies of Male and Female Leaders in Armenia
Zaruhi Sargsyan Analysis of the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Other Work-Related Attitudes of Graduate Alumni of American University of Armenia
Gohar Chalumyan The Decisions of the Constitutional Court in Armenia: First Nine Years
Madeleine Makaryan The Role of Standing Committees in Legislation: A Comparative Analysis
Irena Gharajyan A Study of the Investment Climate in the Republic of Armenia
Marine Arzumanyan Relationships and Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia and the UNDP
Ruzanna Isaghulyan Women in Parliament: Overcoming Obstacles in Armenia
Arthur Grigoryan A Study of the Separation of Powers between the Legislative and the Executive during the Legislative Processes in the Republic of Armenia
Karen Baghdasaryan A Study of the Effects of Community Development Programs on the Civil Society Building in the Republic of Armenia



Haykanush Avetisyan ME Azerbaijani-Iranian Relations in the Post Soviet Period: Muslim Neighbors in  Strategic Discord
Karine Shimshiryan ME The Geopolitical Knots in the Current Russian-Georgian Relations: The Scenarios of Possible Developments
Shushanik Ghaltakhchian ME Iraqi Kurdistan after Saddam: Moving toward Independence, Autonomy or Occupation?
Anna Karapetyan ME Greek-Turkish Relations after Imia Crisis: A Sustainable or Illusionary Détente?
Hayk Manasyan ME Poverty Reduction Strategies and Public Debt Management: Armenia and Georgia – Cross Country Comparison
Anush Avagyan Int. The Public Procurement System in the Republic of Armenia
Hasmik Tamamyan ME Perspectives of Decentralization in the Republic of Armenia: Examination of Possibilities of Differential Allocation of Powers to Local Authorities
Nune Balayan ME Management and Financing of General Education in the Republic of Armenia
Tatevik Margaryan ME Social Assistance to the Poor in Armenia
Silva Dadayan ME Armenia and Russia: Current Stage of Strategic Partnership and Challenges in Coming Years
Lusine Mkrtchyan ME The Controversy over the Caspian Clashing Interests and Littoral States
Tatevik Movsisyan ME The Problem of Rationality in International Politics: Possible Implications for Armenian-Azerbaijani Relations
Meri Grigoryan ME Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and US Mediation
Gayane Mamikonyan ME Kurdish Issue in Turkey since 1982
Marine Sargsyan ME Challenge of Globalization: Promising Perspective for Future Development or Hidden Threat?
Hermine Hambardzumyan ME Women’s Rights in Iran before and after the 1977-79 Revolution



Nelly Galstyan The Israeli-Turkish Axis: A Military Alliance or a Conventional Partnership?
Irina Babayan The Stagnated Diplomacy of Intransigent Conflicts: The Cases of  Nagorno-Karabagh and Northern Cyprus
Ara Gasparyan A Comparative Analysis of the Soviet and American Military Strategies in Afghanistan
Hripsime Harutyunyan Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict within the Framework of Just War
Taguhi Dallakyan The Continuity and Adaptation of the Concept of Jihad from Classical Islam to Modern Islamist Ideologies
Lilit Mkrtchyan Honoring of Obligations and Commitments by Armenia after the Republic’s Full Membership to the Council of Europe
Narine Vardanyan The Problem of Poverty and the Prospective of Sustainable Democracy in the South Caucasus
Nairah Tonoyan The Importance of Decentralization in Democracy Building in Armenia and the Extent of Conformity of Armenian Legislature on Local Self-Government with European Standards
Anna Vasilyan The Republic of Armenia’s Commitments and Respect for the Basic Values of the Council of Europe and the Problem of the Death Penalty
Arman Ghazaryan The Controversy over the Caspian Sea Mineral Resources and Armenian Perspectives
Araks Hakobyan Relations between Political Stability, Democracy and Economic Growth in Post-Communist Countries
Vahe Isahakyan Problems and Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Armenia
Armine Petrosyan Impact of Power Relations on National Security of the Transcaucasian States
Anna Stepanyan Turkey in Transcaucasia: A Big Power or an Outsider after the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Karine Kirakosyan Modernization in Arab World
Ani Dallakyan The Role of Culture and Perception in International Relations: A Case Study – Armenian-Russian Relationships
Diana Danelian Work Motivation among Employees of Armenian Executive Agencies
Gayane Selimyan The Genesis of Policy Ideas in the Education Law of Armenia
Gayane Buniatyan Comparing Public and Private Organizations of Armenia: Issues on Goal-Complexity and Ambiguity and Job Satisfaction
Hamlet Mirzoyan A Study of the State of Electronic Governance in Armenia
Armine Aghabekian Attitudes and Behavior of Committee Members towards Their Powers and Resources Prescribed by Law
Linda Aghabegian Citizen Participation in Legislative Processes in the National Assembly of Armenia and the Role of Parliamentary Hearings
Aghvan Aidinyan Armenian Print Media as Business
Yevgenya Paturyan Survey on Non-Governmental Organizations: Institutionalization, Financial Issues, Decision-Making Structures and Opinions



Mihran Sahakyan The Process of NATO Enlargement in Geopolitical Perspective
Ruzanna Amiraghyan Islamic Extremism and Regional Alignments in Central Asia
Shushan Khachatryan Crimes against Humanity in the International Court of Justice
Ani Grigoryan A Study of the Reasons Lying Behind the European Union Enlargement Process
Zorair Kirakosyan The Protection of National Minorities in the Framework of International Organizations: Current Situation of National Minorities in the Republic of Armenia
Irina Manasyan Armenian Newspapers: Ten Years of Independence
Arsen Stepanyan A Study of Armenian Political Parties and Their Mass Media Activities
Alina Topchyan Activities of Local Non-Governmental Organizations and State Policy of the Republic of Armenia on Refugees
Hasmik Minasyan A Comparative Study of Local Self-Government in the Countries of Central/Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Degree of Decentralization and Potential Correlation with Causative Factors
Hermine Grigoryan A Study of Foreign Direct Investments in Armenia: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Risks
Karine Astvatsaturova Labor Market in Armenia: The Situation in Soviet Times Versus the One in the Last Decade
Hasmik Chobanyan A Study of Emigration from Armenia within the Last Years (1988-2001)
Elmira Danelyan Learning Response to Ethics Failure in Public Agencies of Armenia
Lilit Hayrapetyan A Study of the Evaluation of Labor Market Policies in Armenia: Experience of Shirak Marz
Varduhi Sargsyan Reforming Secondary Public Education System in Armenia
Gohar Stepanyan The Enlargement of the Council of Europe and Its Role
Tatevik Mnatsakanyan The Council of Europe and Democratic Security
Nazik Asatryan A Study of Armenian National Ideology. Yesterday, Today and …
Artak Aloyan A Study of UNICEF Activities in the Republic of Armenia
Anna Harutunyan A Study of Women’s Employment and Labor Rights during the Period of Transition in Armenia
Inna Avanesova A Study of Interdependence in International Politics on the Example of the European Union
Lina Margaryan A Study of the Negative Effects of Corruption on Economic and Political Development of a Country
Ruzanna Hakobyan The Activities of the Armenian Lobby in the United States



Knarik Nazarian A Study of the First Year of International Peacekeeping in Kosovo: The Achievements, Failures, and Lessons for the Future
Aramazd Ghalamkarian A Study of the Impact of Laws and Lawsuits against the Mass Media on the Freedom of the Press in Armenia
Karine Aghamyan A Study of Civil Service: Concepts and Issues with Special Reference to Armenia
Karapet Beglarian Financial Study of Local Self-Government in Armenia: Problems, Strategies and Options Relative to Intergovernmental Management
Mary Harutyunyan Fiscal Decentralization in Armenia: Concepts, Structures and Problems
Lida Harutyunyan The Economic Development and the Budgetary Situation in Armenia in Post-Independence Period: An Economic Dilemma
Vahe Mkrtchyan A Study of the Voucher Privatization in Armenia: Privatization – Neither Panacea nor Poison
Liana Ohanian A Study of the Impact of Taxation on Economic Growth and the Barriers to Effective Taxation in Armenia
Lala Aslikian The Ethnic Politics of the Former Soviet Union: General Patterns and Impact on Ethnic Conflict Development
Makrita Avjyan The Civil Service Reform in Armenia: The Civil Service Law (Draft)
Anna Kirakosyan Armenia: Integration to the Council of Europe and Its Political Implications
Meri Nikoghosyan A Study of the Controversy over the Oil Factor in the Caspian Basin and Its Implications for Armenian Foreign Policy-Making
Nune Danielyan Iranian-Armenian Foreign Relations since Independence of Armenian
Vardan Makarian A Study of Constitutional Oversight Mechanisms of the Republic of Armenia
Irena Sargsyan NATO Military Intervention in Ethnic Conflict Resolution: Realities of Kosovo and Posibilities in the Transcaucasus Region
Lilit Sarukhanyan A Study of NATO Enlargement to the East and European Security Architecture
Frunzik Voskanian A Study of the Effects of Corruption on Economic and Political Development of Armenia
Narine Hakobyan A Study of Poverty in the Republic of Armenia: The Nature of Poverty in Armenia and Potential Strategies for Its Alleviation
Lilit Hakobyan A Study of the Admission/Establishment of Foreign Direct Investment in Armenia
Artak Nersisyan A Comparative Policy Analysis on the Extent of Decentralization of Selected Eastern European Countries and Armenia in the Sphere of Local Self-Government



Anna Mkrtchyan A Study of the Legal Status and Resources of the Caspian Sea: Tracing the Disputes of the Littoral States
Lilit Simonyan A Study of the Kurdish Guerrilla Movement in Turkey, 1984-1999
Irina Tevosyan A Study of the Nagorno-Karabagh Conflict as Presented on the Azerbaijani Web Sites
Tsovinar Ghazaryan A Study of the WCC Armenia Round Table Educational Program and the Significance of the Program for the Relationship between the World Council of Churches and the Armenian Round Table
Gohar Hairapetyan A Study of Impact of the Government Policy of the Republic of Armenia from 1991 to 1999 on Women’s Participation in the Political Life of Country
Irine Hakobyan A Study of the Effects of the Current Government Policy of the Republic of Armenia on the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment
Anna Poghosyan A Study of Industrial Enterprise Restructuring (Denationalization) and Socio-Economic Development in Armenia
Marine Shahbazyan A Study of the Employment Policy of Armenia
Aida Arutyunova Development of the Personnel Management at the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Armen Danielian A Study of the Impact of International Monetary Fund on the Economic Development of Member Countries
Armine Grigoryan A Study of the Relationship between the Economic Development of Armenia and Its Public External Debt and Debt Service Capacity
Anna Hakobyan The Evaluation of the Seminars Organized by the International Cooperation TACIS Project “Support to the Ministry of Statistics: Advice to the Regional Offices”
Anahit Maryanyan A Study of the Impact of the Pricewaterhousecoopers Capital Market Development Project on the Public Administration in the Republic of Armenia
Anahit Mkrtchyan A Study of Tax Policy of Armenia and Its Impact on Budget Deficit
Anna Hovhannesyan A Study of Labor Market Policy in the Republic of Armenia
Yulia Ghazaryan  Refugee Policy Analysis of the Republic of Armenia
Lusine Khachatryan A Study of the Role and Capacity of Non-Governmental Organizations in Addressing Gender Issues in Armenia
Karine Avagyan A Study of Privatization Process in Armenia with the Case Study of Privatization of Armenian Telecommunication Sector
Laura Mkhitaryan A Study of the Arab-Israeli Conflict since 1967 and Worlds Great Powers’ Policy Making Impact on It